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Your dress...priced right

There is always something special when planning your wedding. Either the cake, decorated by your favorite bakery. Or the theme is something dear to you both. It could be the reception is close to your first kiss. There is so much that makes your big day special and amazing. 


What is special is what you wear. A custom dress, or one that mimics your favorite movie. Something your grandma or mom wore. Or the dress you get to wear after your transition. No matter know you will be putting on something you love, but also something that makes you feel beautiful. 


At Pearl & Lace we have a handpicked collection of dresses to help you feel even more lovely and beautiful for your big day. With our handpicked dresses, a private collection, we keep our dresses affordable, just for you.

You met
You fell in love
Got engaged
and now…
Its time to get married!!

We hope you’ll join us and let us make you even more beautiful on your special day.

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