Top Myths about Wedding Gown Shopping

Updated: May 25

How to have an enjoyable experience wedding dress shopping - ignore what you've been told.

Lets start with how awesome wedding gown shopping can be, but lets also remember, for some, its not so awesome. From either family members having some negative to say or just relying on other brides on the internet. Dress shopping can be an experience...what type, depends on the situation.

I love helping people find their gown and I truly love the experience of it all. At Pearl & Lace Bridal, no matter who you bring with us, we are going to make sure your experience is one you can love and remember.

One reason people have great, or rough, experiences is things they hear and then take those myths into the boutique with them. We always encourage you come in the shop, or any shop, with an open mind and ready to have fun.

Myth #1 - Nothing in the boutique will fit

That’s not true! Do you research before hand, ask in groups, call the store and ask. Do they carry sizes of the gowns you want to try on? Do you want a A-line vs a trumpet – that requires two different sizes. Any shop you go in you can try things on and something will fit. Make sure to do your research beforehand to check and see if they offer what you are wanting.

Myth #2 - You should know what type of gown you are getting

Not really. You may have one type of gown you’ve imagined and dreamed of, but purchasing another gown. You could love lace and tulle and a sweetheart silhouette but fall in love with your dream gown that is modern and clean and satin. Let the dress say yes to you, let the experience of finding your gown be without reservations. Go in with a clear thought. We’ve put numerous brides in a ballgown they just have fallen in love with but they never imagined themselves with a ballgown. Go in for the experience and the joy.

Myth #3 - You need to bring EVERYONE!

Please don’t do this! OK, let me clear this one up. Don’t bring NEGATIVE people to your wedding dress appointment. Bring in family, friends, in laws who are going to SUPPORT you, not shame you, make fun of or be negative. At Pearl & Lace Bridal, we are a no shaming – all love type of store. Picking your friends/family/people to come with you is key. Pick the ones that want to enjoy this moment with you, even if you don’t find your gown. But still, you don’t need everyone. Most shops, especially due to COVID, have a limit on how many people can come. Call ahead and ask and then pick carefully.

Myth #4 - Sample gowns and consignment gowns are discards

Sample gowns are used by boutiques to make room for newer collections and designs. This also helps you out as well. You can get a gown with a deep discount on it and usually the gown is only one season old. Nothing could be wrong with the gown, you just may need alterations. Off the rack gown shops work this way. They get in gowns and sell them at affordable pricing.

Consignment works almost the same way. Most of the time it is a dress a bride either wore or a dress they thought they loved and then decided against. Most shops will take in gowns from local brides and help sell them, then splitting the cost. Again, this doesn’t mean the gown is damaged or even used (again some brides sell it to get another gown). Its a great way to buy a designer gown for a more affordable price.

Side tip: Sample sales are usually best for brides who know what they want and want it for the deep discounted price.

Myth #5 - You will cry when it's your gown

I will say this...this one is an iffy one. Some people aren’t criers and some people are. Some people truly want to find something that is comfortable, affordable and is something they will like. Some people want the full on feeling. I will be honest, I think our society and Say Yes to the Dress! has us feeling like we NEED that moment, we need to FEEL something and sometimes we just...don’t.

I am here for the feels and the excitement, but sometimes, and this is ok too, you may not feel a big oomph. When I got my dress, I loved the way it twirled but it wasn’t until I was home that I got to really process it and I just laughed, I was excited. Finding a gown can be emotional, so you may not experience crying due to finding the one, just that you are emotional about the experience and the process. Focus on how the gown makes you feel and if you feel “absolutely beautiful” you’ve found the one!

Bonus Myth:

You have to keep looking or you can’t say yes at the first shop.

Stop and yes you can. Stop looking once you’ve found the one. If you are at your first shop and you find it, call the others and explain you’ve found the one. If you have found a gown and love it, don’t go to four more stores or look online. We give ourselves something to “pick” over and then we fall out of love with our gown.

Also, you CAN say yes at the first shop. Yup, it may seem daunting, but if it gives you that feeling, if it gives you that “oooh this is nice” moment or you even cry and its your first appointment at 10am...please enjoy that and say yes! Its ok...I promise.

Myths are just that...myths. They don’t really have a basis and come from different sources, different experiences and can hinder your experience. We hope that these wedding gown myths clear ups, have helped put your mind at ease and has made you feel excited about your wedding gown experience.

Come into Pearl and Lace Bridal to have your myth free wedding dress shopping experience. Make your appointment today...we truly can’t wait to see you!

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